Red White & Bows

Red White & Bows offers a variety of handmade items! Including but not limited to; bows, hair clips, newborn welcome discs, dishwasher magnets, and more!

  • "Not only are these bows adorable, they are amazing quality! The nylon was soft enough for my baby’s skin but will also stretch to accommodate her as she grows! I love that these bows have the “big bow” look to them but are still light enough to be comfortable for her! These will definitely be staples in our bow wardrobe!"

    - Molly & Rosalie Eagle

  • "We got our bows and absolutely LOVE them!! We got them faster than I was expecting and such a cute package! The prints are totally adorable and crisp! The knots are tied separate from the bow so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart or babes pulling them apart! That’s a huge perk for me with a girl who likes to fiddle with her bows!"

    -Harley S.

  • "Kristal's custom bows are amazing! She can do just about anything, and her prices are super reasonable!"

    -Allie S